Packaging Advice

Ship24by7 is dedicated to delivering shipments all over the globe with a promise of care and speed. In order to make certain that your parcel reaches its destination in the best possible state, Ship24by7 highlights some key packing points below.

The Shipping Box

  • Cardboard boxes are the most effective means of packing your belongings as they are available in a diverse range of sizes, shapes, materials and support accessories to fortify and protect them.
  • When shipping heavy goods, wooden containers are recommended for their strength and the ability to be handled by machines. However, wood material requires a certificate of fumigation to prevent insect damage during transit.
  • However, there are better choices in the market for wooden containers in the form of heavy-duty double-layered cardboard boxes, which are an economical purchase.

Inside the Box

  • Ensure that the cardboard boxes are filled to capacity, as partially filled boxes could collapse.
  • If boxes are filled to capacity, they may burst open from the pressure of the items contained within.
  • It is important to note that the weight specification limit does not meet its exceeding point set down by the manufacturer.

Cushioning Materials

  • The quality of packing material is a key component in the secure transition of goods. Use containers and wrapping with high-quality cushioning materials to prevent damage to your items, and to increase your chances of arriving at your destination without incurring additional costs.
  • We suggest that you pad the box to protect fragile items; for best results, wrap all sides of the item with padding.
  • Pack media discs and tapes securely in cushioned containers and protective bags. Using appropriate packaging often ensures safe, intact delivery of goods.

Distinctive Items

  • To ensure that sharp items are packaged safely, protect their edges and points with securely fixed, heavy cardboard. Small items should be packed into flyers or polythene courier/mailing bags.
  • For food items and semi-liquids, use a sturdy plastic bag which is securely sealed in a rigid fibreboard box.
  • When mailing lightweight documents, use cardboard envelopes. To carry items like discs, tapes, keys, and tiny electronic parts use cushioned, padded, or bubble envelopes. Envelopes are also available with waterproof and anti-static properties. Lastly, avoid fabric envelopes.

Sealing and Labelling

  • To ensure that your package will not open in transit, you must seal it securely. All edges where the flaps of your carton meet should be securely sealed with quality adhesive tape.
  • When reusing boxes, make sure that old stickers and labels are removed.
  • Put a copy of the shipping label provided by the Parcel Chief on the upper side of the box.

Take a Photo

  • For your records, take a photo of your box.
  • Ship24by7 takes photographs of each package before they are shipped.