How It Works

Get a Ship24X7 Address

Visit the Sign-Up link on our website and complete the easy registration process to create an account of your own. You will then receive a personal Ship24X7 address. Then, shop all you want at any online store in India and have your products shipped to that address. You can order one or multiple orders. Additionally, you can use the same address to have all your other products shipped as well. For example, if you want to ship homemade food items, something you left behind or just about anything else, you can have it shipped to your local Ship24X7 address. Did we tell you that we offer free pickup services from anywhere in India?





Choose your options

As soon as your products are received at our location (your Indian Ship24X7 address), you will be notified via text/email. You can then view the status of and manage all your packages from your account, whenever you wish. Based on your membership details, we can hold your packages at our warehouse for as long as you wish.

Upon delivery, our warehouse managers will make sure to check for damages and other faults your package may have faced. You will be notified of the same.

You can then choose to ship immediately or wait till the time that you feel is the right time to ship your package. If you have multiple packages, you can wait till all of them are delivered and ship all at once using consolidated packaging to reduce costs.

Have your goods delivered to you, hassle-free!


Choose between several shipping options and speeds. You will also get fast shipping options at discounted prices thanks to our proprietary relationship with industry leading shipping companies like DHL, DTDC, FedEx, etc.

Based on your location, your shipping times may vary anywhere between 1-6 days.

Apart from flexible shipping options and never seen before international shipping rates, we offer exceptional customer support and are by your side at every step of the process ensuring that you have your goods delivered to you safe and sound, just like how you would want to travel. We also offer:

  • 24/7 tracking with real-time information.
  • Fast and smooth customs processes with a dedicated team handling all your regulatory document preparations.
  • Fast pickup and shipping options in all directions.