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No matter where you are located, we have got you covered. We are partners with industry giants like DHL, DTDC, etc. and experts all over the world.

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About Ship24by7

Ship24by7 provides complete shipping solutions for all your items to and fro from India and USA. We have the expertise, dedication and the resources to make your shopping/shipping experience a smooth and speedy one. We also help you with packaging, consolidating and shipping each parcel without blowing up your costs.

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With several years of experience, we are experts at getting you what you need.

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All your questions answered in one place

We provide you with a local Indian shipping address that you can use while placing an order at your favorite Indian e-store. You ship to our address and we will ship it to your address in the USA.

Yes. We don’t just ship online shopping products but also anything else that you may want to ship from India. We will help you with packaging and also pick it up from ANYWHERE in the country.

Yes. With our integrated tool, you can estimate accurate shipping costs before you start shipping any products from the USA to India or India to the USA.

According to your membership, you can choose your own plans and shipping speeds. We offer shipping discounts which are location based. Also, we use consolidated packaging and usually ship in bulk further reducing costs.

We are based out of Hyderabad, India and deliver to the USA only through reputed partners like, DHL, DTDC, FedEx, etc. Based on availability, we also offer fast shipping. Most shipping times vary between 1-6 working days.

Since we partner with several partners to make shipping easy for you, the list of prohibited items depends upon our shipping partners. For DHL: For DTDC: